About Michael DeLaney

Michael DeLaney headshot

Name: Cormac Michael DeLaney

Age: 24

Hometown: The Glass City: Toledo, Ohio

Current City: Chicago, Illinois

Education: St. Francis de Sales Class of 2006, Xavier University Class of 2010

Inspirations: Grant Morrison, Joseph Campbell, Donald Glover and Boba Fett

Who I am:  My name is Michael, I am a freelance writer new(ish) to Chicago.  I am a big pop culture fan and specialize in writing about film, television and comic books.  I write the best reviews, previews, opinion pieces and satire that I possibly can for your reading pleasure.  I have a writing style designed to enlighten and entertain.  If I have done neither of these things for you then I apologize, sometimes my snarkiness gets the better of me.  Cheers!

7 comments on “About Michael DeLaney

  1. oh michael ma name is craig an i just wanna say i ‘ppreciate what u is doing. u memba me rite… y’all bought dat tv from me las year… u kno wat i mean. do yo thang bro and tell that mofo josh i got ma eye on him

  2. Mike this is great! Keep them coming!! …and if your aspiring for aspiration I think you should move in with Ola… or am I thinking inspiration… either way he would make a great comic strip!

  3. I resent the use of quotations when describing Michael Bay as a “film” director.
    What have you ever directed? Call me when that grosses 200 mil. Michael Bay is an artist. Most of America ooobviously agrees.

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