2 comments on “Arrested Development Season 4 Revisited

  1. “(sorry Maria Bamford fans, but this is the only thing I’ve seen her in, and…not great.)”

    Jesus, DeLaney. Watch her stand up or watch Lady Dynamite instead of watching AD Season 4 for the second and third time. She is awesome and fearless about her mental illness, and funny as fuck.

    Oh, and totally agreed about the Cinco finale being awful as a three part episode. Without the constant recapping it could have been a totally serviceable 45 minute season finale. I appreciate all the other eps becoming more digestible pieces in this new (old) format, but like, come on: by the finale we either trust you or we don’t.

    • I should’ve been clearer. I know she has a following, I just haven’t seen anything else of hers just yet. I just really don’t like her charter on AD.

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