2 comments on “Devil in the Details

  1. I. Am Henry. Reed. Rathbone.



    The double twist has me cheering and fist pumping.
    Plus we just covered dissociative disorders in abnormal psych. I’m not sure I ever heard of someone with DID thinking he was a historical murderer, but I love it.

    I was liking the whole historical fiction thing while it was going though. I request an Abraham Lincoln series.

  2. Yay Mike! Yeah, I agree with Rich– I want a series where Abe Lincoln and John Wilkes Booth are forced to reluctantly solve crimes/issues of national concern as a team. Lincoln suffers from depression! Booth is overtly racist! Lincoln folds his sock! Booth is a slob! How will they ever get through as case without assassinating each other? Chop chop, Mike.

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